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Updated:   25th September 2014

Next Event:
Instructors and High Grade Seminar - Wales, 9th November. All Dojo Operators, Instructors and black belt candidates are required to attend. For further details see the Events page.

Recent Events:
British Tournament: - Wodson Park 20th September.

The British Tournament was held on 20th September at Wodson Park Sports Centre, Ware, Hertfordshire. There was a reasonable attendance this year, but this did not hamper the spirit of the competitors at the tournament who all competed with admirable determination. For results and photos from the event go to the Photos & Results page. If anyone has any photos they would like added of the event then please pass them to me (details at bottom of page).

Summer Seminar: - 12th July
The Summer Seminar including National Gradings was held at Wodson Park Sports Centre in Ware, Hertfordshire on 12th July 2014 was very successful. A full day of training with lots of positive feedback.  For pictures of the event please visit the GB Kyokushin Facebook site on the following link.

IKO 28th European Weight Category Championships 2014:
For further details and pictures from the Tournament, held in Varna , Bulgaria in May please visit the GB Kyokushin Facebook site on the following link:

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Shihan Jose Claronino
GB Chief Instructor
Phone: 01789 491455


Sensei Orlando Roach
Phone: 0207 403 5979


Shihan Mac Robertson
England Coach
Phone: 01284 703565


Sensei Stephen Hare
Licensing Officer
Phone: 07990 567830


Sensei Mark Kingsland
Phone: 0776 486 0933

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